Door Locks » Wonder Bolt

The latch from outside. It is ideal for doors which are operated often by multiple people. The strength is increased by the long screw-in-sleeve system that holds it sturdily together. The knob is made of reinforced sheet & solid brass and makes a brilliant combination with polished wood. Heavy duty locking system for wooden doors hinged on the left or right, opening inward or outwards. Standard locking systems are suitable for doors from 30 to 40 mm & 40 to 52 mm in thickness.

  • Case: Steel case, powder coated finish; Case Depth 140mm; Back set 75mm.
  • Bolts: 2 nickel plated steel bar bolts with hardened high carbon steel alloy pins; Bolt Length 34mm.
  • Striker: Steel case, powder coated finish.
  • Latch: Extruded brass section.
  • Pin cylinder: High security pin cylinder with 5 nickel plated dimple keys; Cylinder operates on a 180-degree rotation.
  • Outside Knob: Reinforced sheet & solid brass with wooden ring. Finishes: Brush brass, Brush steel, Brass antique, Silver gold, etc.; Protected by electrophoretic lacquer coating/ plating.
  • Inside Knob: Extruded brass. Knob Height 28mm; Diameter 40mm.
  • Converter Button: Extruded brass.
  • Security Chain: Steel chain; nickel plated finish.
Line Diagram