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Pull handles & knob for wooden doors, windows, Cabinet & drawers. A cut above conventional handles. With its sleek elegant design & Absence of any sharp edges prevents any accidental damage to fngers while using the handle . Turned in solid brass/ mild steel/ stainless steel for greater strength, polished to bring out the deep warm luster of metal in order to create a brilliant finish, the handles are available in a variety of attractive finishes & are protected by lacquer coating/ plating for lasting finish.

  • Pull Handle Rod : Available in 100, 125, 150 mm lengths
  • Pull Handle Pillar: Height 27mm
  • Knob Rod: Length 40mm
  • Knob Pillar: Height 23mm.
    Base Metal: Handles available in Mild Steel, Brass & Stainless Steel. Finishes: Brush brass, Brush steel, Brass antique, Bright chrome, Full gold, Silver gold , Satin gold, etc. ; Protected by lacquer coating/ plating.
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