Door Locks » Compact LV

Heavy duty lock for wooden doors hinged on the left or right, opening inward or outwards. Lock is suitable for doors from 25 to 50 mm in thickness. The lock operates on a 6-lever mechanism. This product has a single throw steel/brass bolt, which is actuated by the key. It has a click-reversible latch mechanism that is easier and faster than any other latch reversing process. Special accessories for double door are also available.

  • Case: Steel case, powder coated; Case Depth 68mm; Backset 45mm; Center 57mm.
  • Bolt: Extruded brass section bolt with hardened high carbon steel al loy pins; Bolt Length 15mm.
  • Striker Plate: Steel plate, nickel plated finish.
  • Latch: Extruded brass section.
  • Follower: Extruded brass section for extra durability.
  • Cram: Steel cram, nickel plated/ brass plated finish.
  • Keys: Steel keys, nickel plated finish.
  • Levers: 6 steel levers, zinc plated & passivated.
Line Diagram