Furniture Locks » CB 50

Pin cylinder lock for wooden cupboards, drawers, cabinets etc. Universal lock works on both right and left opening doors. Has a special locking face plate with screw in sleeve system; this reinforces the lock making it resistant to torque and force attacks. Locks of other companies have an inherent drawback that when force is applied on the cylinder the screws detach from the wood, leaving the door unlocked. Our special locking face plate reverses this pressure on the outer side of the door which makes this lock’s installation stronger & diffcult to break.

  • Case: Steel case, powder coated/ nickel plated finish; Case Length 66 mm; Backset 33 mm.
  • Bolt: Extruded brass section; Bolt Length 20 mm.
  • Striking Plate: Steel plate, nickel plated finish; Available for both single and double doors.
  • Lever Tumbler: Zinc alloy die-casted tumbler; operates on 7 levers. Tumbler length 30mm.
Line Diagram